R&D Projects
September 8, 2016
At mere 2” by 3.5”, PixiePro has four 1GHz ARM® Cortex™-A9 cores, a 2D coprocessor, a powerful Vivante™ GPU, video decoding acceleration, 2 GB of RAM, dual band MIMO WI-FI® for up to 866Mbps transfers, Bluetooth® 4.1 EDR, 3G cellular modem, GPS and GLONASS, digital and high quality analog audio, three USB ports, dual uSD card slots, gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer (digital compass), tons and tons of GPIO and expansion options and all the power of Linux®.

Enter NXP's i.MX6® Quad chip

Definitely one of those powerful things to play, learn and create with, we didn’t find a computer that unleashed the full power of this amazing chip. This versatile, powerful chip is typically paired with wimpy WI-FI® and Bluetooth® modules, hardly any power management, no GPS, no mobile broadband, no sensors, no RTC, no high power USB ports, no fun!.


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