Healthcare and Wearables

Technology is health centric

Wearables are designed to capture data from the users, in order to support a healthier lifestyle, monitor health conditions, or be more aware of their activity levels. They are making their way into different segments, be that fitness, wellness, work safety. They are constantly evolving and will definitely change our lifestyles.

Capturing biometric data is a major trend,
profitable for users and beneficial for public health.

Our approach

Wearables are going to become more popular and also more advanced. Consumers will expect more accurate metrics and with time additional metrics like blood pressure, sleep or stress stats. This means sensors will have to be efficient, give precise statistics in less time and have the ability to be integrated into various accessories several of them beyond watches or wristbands which means form factor will be a meaningful challenge for next generations of wearables.
CODE has identified this growing necessity and has developed appropriate solutions with the added value of a proven design, an ecosystem of software and support


System on module for wearables

Optical Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Ultra-small form factor simplifies OEM product integration in wearables/standalone platforms.
  • Ultra-low power consumption extends product battery life.
  • Outstanding processing power enables local signal processing for an added value solution.
  • Supported APIs simplify platform adoption and accelerates time to market.
  • Highly integrated module offloads HW/SW complexity on host board.
  • ECG/PPG raw data and high level processed data availability provide flexibility in custom applications.