Connected Energy

Connected Energy

Solutions in the connected energy sector are primarily aimed at achieving the convergence of machines and intelligent data, to enhance the operational efficiency targets being set by energy companies. These solutions also improve analytics-based decision making.

By diminishing the threats and vulnerabilities of the market by use of efficient tools and techniques, Connected Energy imparts benefits to all industries spanning across the value chain. Real end-to-end benefits include:

  • Cost-cutting and enhanced productivity
  • Optimization of supply chain
  • Decreasing energy trading risk factors
  • Data privacy and security
  • Increase in overall operational efficiency

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How it Works

Devices are wirelessly connected in a self-healing mesh type network. These devices are then integrated through an application board with capabilities such as remote on/off, dimming control and measurement of power consumption. The devices simultaneously communicate with the closest border router - a gateway that functions as a hub and network manager of thousands of nodes and sends the information to the cloud.

The collected information is stored in an analytics server in the cloud, which processes and analyzes the data using machine learning techniques. This allows revision of the connected devices' statuses and provides actionable information that can streamline and improve the decision-making process.

A graphical interface is used to present the analytics and management capabilities of the system, displaying real-time strategic data such as status, location and alerts for one or more devices.

This provides the benefits of optimized processes and reduced costs of maintenance, service and replacement of the devices, better performance and stability, and a fully managed urban environment which helps to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.



Phalanx Modules

Phalanx is a robust yet lightweight protocol designed to build mesh networks with large number of nodes. The main goal of Phalanx is efficiency.

Bandwidth Efficiency

It focuses on having the minimum network maintenance messages and the smallest packet overhead as possible. That leaves the most bandwidth available for the user's application.

High Network Availability and Reliability

With redundant routes and low latency, Phalanx always finds a quick route to the destination, even in the most challenging situations.

Low-cost Deployment

By maximizing the node quantity per network, it minimizes the need for Border Routers, WAN link costs, and overall system deployment tools.

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