Embedded Solutions


Embedded Systems

High-speed digital systems and high resolution analog devices. We develop products featuring latest generation technology.



Microcontrollers of any type of architecture,
so that your application includes the appropriate devices.
  • ARM® Cortex M0/M3/M4/M7/M33
  • RTOS customization


End-To-End Solutions

We enrich our electronic design capabilities with modern processing techniques that adjust to the demands of the market.


Application Processors

Latest generation processors enhance the intelligence and performance of your product.
  • ARM® Cortex A7/A9/A35/A53/A72
  • Linux BSP customization and driver development
  • Android BSP customization and driver development
  • Application development


Connected Devices

Always -On products that utilize all digital radio protocols, from WiFi and Bluetooth to proprietary communications stacks for device networks.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, 3G, LTE, ISM RF


Infrastructure and System Architecture

Infrastructure, communications and devices to design the best possible deployment according to your needs.

Embedded Linux and Android BSP Development Services

Custom built Linux and Android system for your platforms. We analyze your system requirements and customize or develop the required modules and behaviors, for example:

  • Board bring-up.
  • Bootloader optimization.
  • Boot devices, selection of where is the Operating System booting from i.e. eMMC, SD, NAND, etc.
  • Peripherals, support for LCDs, media devices, card readers, fingerprint readers, cameras, etc.
  • Communication devices, support for Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular data.
  • Required middleware, frameworks and libraries for the application.
  • Required development tools.
  • Android API level integration for Hardware devices.
  • Power modes, frequency scaling, Suspend-to-RAM, Suspend-to-disk.
  • Secure, encrypted and High Assurance Boot.
  • Virtualization.
  • Manufacturing integration.

    Complementing these services with our Hardware Design Services, we can provide a full platform for your needs. Contact us for further information.

Embedded Hardware Design Services

Custom created Hardware platforms for your needs. We will hear your high-level requirements, help you out translating those into technical requirements, and present you a block solution. Some of the devices that we can design for you are:

  • Embedded computers.
  • IoT devices.
  • Medical and Clinical devices.
  • Consumer electronic devices.
  • Communication devices.
  • Motor and Power control devices.
  • Industrial Automation devices.
  • Infotaiment devices.

    Together with our software services, we can create a custom solution for your needs. Contact us for further information.

Embedded Software Services

Tailored software solutions for your embedded devices. We’ve got ample experience designing, developing and testing:

  • Device drivers, for Linux, RTOS and Bare-Metal applications.
  • Real Time applications.
  • Linux and Android applications.
  • Power aware embedded applications.
  • Communication stacks.
  • Power and Motor control applications.

    Our thorough Embedded Software Services are a perfect companion to our services. Contact us for further information.

Embedded Consulting Services

Do want to integrate embedded solutions to your business, but you are not sure where to begin? Our consulting services can guide you through your product development. Some of the key processes that we can help you through are the following:

  • System Architecture Definition - How should I architecture the system?
  • System Requirement Specification - What requirements should my system support?
  • Technology Selection - What technology should I use?
  • Design for Manufacture – How will I prepare for manufacture?
  • Design for Operation – How will I maintain and operate the system?
  • Volume cost analysis - Should I design or integrate?
  • Supply Chain Consulting - Where should I manufacture?

    Our comprehensive services selection will complement our excellent consulting services. Please contact us for further information.

Embedded AI/Machine Learning Services

Deep learning has become one of the key technologies which has allows us to do some things that we have never dreamt of. It is important to be able to use these technologies in every device possible. Our services allow you to do it. Some of the things that we can do for you are:

  • Inference model optimization for embedded devices.
  • System computation time optimization.
  • Edge computing learning and inference.
  • Real-Time inference.
  • Embedded Computer vision.
  • Online training through edge devices.
  • Reinforcement learning.

    Reach us and find out how we can help you bring your Machine Learning idea to every possible device.

Internet Of Things

RF Circuit Hardware and Software

Scalable and Secure Clouds

Wireless Communications


Analog Systems

Sensors and Meters

Device Monitoring

Medical Devices


Digital Systems

Real-Time Applications

Digital Signal Processing Applications

High speed Circuit Design


Supply Chain and Manufacture

Supply Chain Management

Manufacture Process Control and Management

Product Quality Assurance