Technology that enhances the driving experience

Automotive digital technology has traditionally focused on safety and optimizing the vehicle’s internal functions, but the industry is evolving as a reflection of modern lifestyles. The whole industry is experiencing the most significant revolution in its history. Attention is now turning towards developing the car’s ability to connect with the outside world, getting health and wellness data from its passengers, personalized functionality, adaptability to occupant scenarios, and sustainability.

Thanks to the inclusion of more complex computer systems in vehicles, companies in the automotive sector have found themselves facing a growing challenge: to maintain low costs and competitive development times while continuing to offer the solutions that the market demands.
With the rise in computing power offered by silicon companies in their latest platforms, it becomes more and more difficult for automotive companies to maintain those low costs, due to the increasing time required for design and validation of their hardware and software solutions.

Where we come in

CODE has identified this growing necessity in tier 1 and 2 companies in the automotive sector, and will offer an appropriate solution with the added value of a proven design, an ecosystem of software and support. This will allow the automotive companies to focus on the prototyping and development of new and improved products for their customers, while achieving cost and time savings


System on Module

  • High powered processor.
  • Automotive grade WiFi/Bluetooth chip
  • PHY Ethernet
  • carrier board with essential I/O for automotive applications such as OBDII
  • Audio/video and other peripheral I/O.