About Us

We Deliver Technology

CODE is an engineering company, born out of the ingenuity of a small, passionate group of people knit together by their ideals, values and passion for hard work.


To help our customers make the most out of their information, business processes and connected technologies.


To drive fundamental change in the way the tech ecosystem provides services to the people, to make them more efficient, more useful and more humane.

Every piece of knowledge and technique that exist in our process represent the building blocks to construct effective End-to-End solutions

Our Team

Alfredo Cabral


Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Carlos Quintanilla


Chief Financial Officer

José Ogando Justo

CTO of Embedded Systems

Chief Technical Officer

Oscar Smith Gonzalez


Chief Commercial Officer

Jonathan Valdez Pastelin


Chief Legal Officer

Be a part of the team

We are always looking for talent. CODE is a multidisciplinary team,
that is able to visualize and execute the design and development of any
integration of hardware and software. Become a part of our great journey!